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Oracle Fusion HCM Goals & Performance Management

Oracle Fusion HCM Goals & Performance Management

Price: $19.99

This course covers the following topics:

Goals Management

  • Goal Management Concepts and Actions
  • Goal Types
  • Manage Goals Lookups
  • Manage Profile Options
  • Manage Eligibility Profiles
  • Manage Review Periods
  • Manage Goals Notifications
  • Manage Goal Library
  • Manage Goal Plans
  • Manage Goal Plan Sets
  • Administering and Mass Assigning Goals
  • Managing Worker and Organization Goals
  • Goal Assignment by HR Specialist
  • Goal Assignment by Manager
  • Goal Assignment by Employee
  • Approving Goals
  • Establishing Development Plans for Workers
  • Managing Worker Development Goals
  • Assigning Development Goals to Workers
  • Specifying Goal Intent
  • Sharing and Approving Developing Goals

Performance Management

  • Performance Management Overview
  • Questionnaire Concepts
  • Manage Questionnaire Templates
  • Manage Questionnaire Library
  • Managing Questionnaire
  • Manage Performance Descriptive Flexfields
  • Manage Performance Profile Options
  • Performance Roles and Matrix Management
  • Manage Eligibility Profiles
  • Manage Performance Review Periods
  • Manage Performance Process Flow Definitions
  • Manage Performance Template Sections
  • Manage Performance Document Types
  • Manage Performance Templates
  • Manage Rating Model Distribution
  • Manage Performance and Proficiency Chart Labels
  • Manage Eligibility Batch Process
  • Send E-Mail Notifications
  • Administration and Monitoring Tasks for Worker Performance
  • Worker Self-Evaluation
  • Manager Evaluation


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