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Overcoming the Science of Professional Networking

Overcoming the Science of Professional Networking

Price: $19.99

In this course, you will learn how to control the one thing that often feels like an uncontrollable process – the job search! By learning how to build a network with purpose, you will open up doors you never anticipated and not only accelerate your ability to get a job but also your career.

The science behind networking tells us two things. First, networking is a vital component of career satisfaction, and second, we will feel unclean when we do network. So, on one hand we need do network, but on another hand we will hate every minute of it. Thanks science!

Rather than just share a few tips and tricks to networking, we took a much more comprehensive approach to the topic and broke down this course into three parts. First, is a discussion on theory as we take a deep dive into the science behind networking and attempt to develop a practical mental approach to the networking process. Second, is preparation, where we will spend time on the work you will need to do to build a network with purpose. And, last, we will discuss the execution phase of the process from the fundamentals of a conversation all the way through informational interviewing and the live networking event.

By focusing our effort on theory, preparation, and execution, we hope to arm you with the knowledge you will need to become a great networker as you build a great career.


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