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Price: $49.99

This course will not teach you how to make money quick, but it will teach you how to create and edit photos and graphics for Facebook and other marketing materials with software that is freely available on the web.

Some of the techniques you will learn in this course can also be applied to professional programs like Adobe Photoshop. For example, you will learn about various graphic file formats and to use layers in editing images.

This course is primarily taught through video demonstration. However, you will also be provided with a Paint dot net quick reference guide and several other useful handouts in understanding graphics for the web and for print.

We will begin by learning to download and install the Paint dot net software. Then we will spend some time learning to get around in the GUI (Graphical User Interface). Next we will learn how to use the tools of the software. Then we will learn how to draw a simple picture and edit a photograph. Finally, we will learn a few cool techniques to make your images unique.

This course will save you from having to purchase expensive image editing software to create images that look like you used the expensive software.


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