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Parenting Genius: Raising Creative & Empathetic Kids

Parenting Genius: Raising Creative & Empathetic Kids

Price: $79.99

Learn why your child thinks like he or she does and how you can improve their creativity for school and life through one of the most noble of callings: Parenting. From research, to client experiences, to hard-won experience, this course delivers guidance for parents raising gifted children. Dispel some myths and gain best practices in child development that can be applied for individualizing instruction, interactions, and your approach to your little genius.

This training is for parents that want the best for their children. The training accomplishes this through a series of broad objectives organized into 3 sections. These broad objectives serve as anchors for additional learning objectives presented in each lesson.

This training will challenge your views, call you to better support your values with congruent actions, and ask you to provide freedom of expression as a gift to your child. It will move beyond the clichés, a proposition that many find appealing until their favored clichés are challenged. Because those moments will come, the training is punctuated with Reflection Exercises so that you can process your disagreements and incongruences. Ultimately, you make your own decisions. This training intends to provide you with more knowledge to work with in your decision making.


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