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Parenting Spirited, Strong-Willed Kids

Parenting Spirited, Strong-Willed Kids

Price: $49.99

Millions of parents are struggling, like you, with kids that are defiant and out of control—kids who need to learn how to listen better. The good news is that there’s an effective Win-Win solution to help turn things around.

This course, Parenting Spirited, Strong-Willed Kids, offers a concise and effective method to help kids feel good about themselves and have love and respect for others. Over a thousand families with three to ten-year-old children have successfully used the Win-Win Way to make a shift. Parents typically report a dramatic improvement in their child’s behavior within a few weeks’ time.

The other good news is that, even though you’ll benefit greatly as a parent, it won’t be at your child’s expense. With this approach, they can wind up being happier, more loving, less hyper, have a higher self-esteem and feel less guilty and anxious. With strong-willed kids you can’t just be a good parent. You have to be a great parent, and you can do it!

All you have to do is learn new tools and carry out the elements of the program for it to work.

With this program, you can make the following shifts:

  • From too much tension, to having more fun, positive and playful times

  • From being indecisive and inconsistent, to having a simple and effective plan of action

  • From having frequent upsets, to knowing how to resolve feelings in caring ways

  • From falling into conflict, to using your child’s strong-willed nature as an asset

  • From being at odds with your partner, to being on the same page with common procedures

  • From not realizing it, to discovering and overcoming negative influences from how you were parented

And, your strong-willed child can make the following shifts:

  • From not listening, to learning how to do so

  • From not taking responsibility, to becoming more helpful, happy and respectful

  • From feeling overlooked and misunderstood, to feeling appreciated and valued

  • From being upset and anxious, to developing a higher self-esteem and becoming more loving and capable


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