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PDU CPE – Guide to renew your certifications smartly !

PDU CPE – Guide to renew your certifications smartly !

Price: $94.99

Update 2018/12/25: New session about ISACA Webinars and how get free CPEs

Congratulation you are certified (PMI – ISC2 – ISACA – COMPTIA) !

But you are certified for a limited time !

From now you have to collect PDUs (Professional Development Units), CPEs (Continuing Professional Education) or CEUs (Continuing Education Units).

After have passed more than 15 certifications in less than 2 years, I have renewed my certifcations quickly, efficiently and at the best price.

For example:

  • CompTIA – Security+: 3 months (50 CEUs)

  • PMI – PMP: 6 months (60 PDUs)

  • ISC2 – CISSP : 1 year (120 CPEs)

Through different chapters, we will review together:

  • Certification renewal

    – Requirements Types

    – Review of certifications requirements

  • My strategy

– How to renew your certifications the most efficiently

  • My certification story

– Follow the good stream

  • PMI – Professional Development Units (PDU)

– General information about PDU

– What is a R.E.P.

– How I get your PDUs efficiently

– How to report your PDUs

  • CompTIA – Continuing Education Units (CEU)

– How I get your CEUs efficiently

  • ISC²/ISACA – Continuing Professional Education (CPE)

– CPE Credits and Record Keeping

– How I get your CPEs efficiently

. Professional Magazine

. Professional Association Chapter Meeting

. Industry Conference

. Online webinars, podcasts and other online material for new certification

. Education Courses and Seminars (Group B)

. Online webinars, podcasts and other online materials


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