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Personal Impact & Presentations

Personal Impact & Presentations

Price: $99.99

Helping you to create personal impact and to consistently appear confident, at ease and in control when presenting in front of others, either to a small group or a full conference hall.

I am a professional theatre director with over 40 years’ experience and for over 20 of those years I have combined my various theatre activities with teaching these ‘Personal Impact and Presentation Skills’ programmes to a wide range of business organisations. I will give you an understanding of the proven methods, mental disciplines and performing techniques of the professional performer, together with an interesting selection of ‘tricks-of-the-trade’, to enable you to be more ‘professional’ in this aspect of your business experience.

You could be making a presentation, speaking at a conference in front of hundreds of people, facilitating a meeting, hosting or compering a meeting, giving a sales pitch in a meeting, walking into a room of strangers at a networking event, being interviewed, giving an ‘elevator’ pitch – in fact any scenario where you find yourself under a certain pressure.

These ‘professionalisms’, techniques and ‘tricks-of-the-trade’ all come from my world – the world of theatre where they’ve been working for hundreds of years – and I have adjusted them for use in the business world – and they work here too!

These ‘transferable skills’ will make an instant difference to the way you think and feel about presenting, will help you to overcome any fears that you have, and will enable you to consistently deliver your message efficiently, effectively and very professionally. That’s the plan!


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