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PL-400  Microsoft Power Platform Developer -Prep Test

PL-400 Microsoft Power Platform Developer -Prep Test

Price: $64.99


The purpose of the “Practice Tests PL-400 Microsoft Power Platform Developer” course is to allow students to gain maximum knowledge on the subject. The practical test approach is to make everyone learn easily, analyzing and understanding completely. This course emphasizes maximum coverage of all PL-400 exam topics and references, helping students to understand and learn in a more practical way and feel safe for the PL-400 exam.

Features and benefits when purchasing our Practice Tests:

  • You only buy once and have lifetime access.

  • Content updated frequently.

  • All exam objectives are addressed so that the student knows if he / she is prepared for the exam.

  • Performance-based practice tests provide the student with a better learning experience.

  • The timed person prepares the conditions for the “exam” with a graphical score at the end.

  • You have a 30-day refund if you don’t like our practice tests for any reason.

The Practice Test was created based on the references:

Create a technical design (10-15%)

Configure Common Data Service (15-20%)

Create and configure Power Apps (15-20%)

Configure business process automation (5-10%)

Extend the user experience (10-15%)

Extend the platform (15-20%)

Develop integrations (5-10%)


Unofficial testing practice.

We offer educational materials and practical tests to assist and help students prepare for these exams.

All certification marks used are the property of the respective owners of the marks. We do not own or claim any ownership in any of the Marks.


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