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PL-900: Microsoft Power Platform 6 Practice Tests- 2021

PL-900: Microsoft Power Platform 6 Practice Tests- 2021

Price: $39.99

Welcome to PL-900: Microsoft Power Platform 6 practice tests – Pass guarantee

(Same duration and more questions count than a real exam)

Answers & Resources included

1 real exam = (36 questions – 60 mins)

1 practice test = (53 questions – 60 mins)

Total number of different questions = 318 questions

– if you solve these tests, you will be able to solve a real exam easily.

because these tests have the same difficulty of a real exam or higher (slightly higher difficulty) to strengthen you against the real exam

Points covered in the Exams (Same points of a real exam):

  • Describe the business value of Power Platform (15-20%)

  • Identify the core components of Power Platform (15-20%)

  • Demonstrate the capabilities of Power BI (15-20%)

  • Describe the capabilities of Power Apps (15-20%)

  • Demonstrate the capabilities of Power Automate (15-20%)

  • Demonstrate the business value of Power Virtual Agents (10-15%)

the points covered in the Exams are distributed among the Six exams this means every exam has all of these points with answers and detailed explanations and resource link to the source page of Microsoft documents for every question

Six practice tests allow you to attempt Six exams early-on during your exam-preparation to adjust your focus-areas and cut down on study time and prove your readiness to take the official exam.

you can use all Six Exams in whatever way suits your preparation workflow.

These exams are time-limited exactly like the real exam to make you stronger in solving the exam 6 times instead of one time. to make you able to solve the real exam the first time you enter.

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