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SCRUM BASICS- Intro to AGILE & SCRUM (Live Project Examples)

SCRUM BASICS- Intro to AGILE & SCRUM (Live Project Examples)

Cena: $19.99

Using SCRUMLearn AGILE & SCRUM with Live Project example

In this course you will learn everything about using SCRUM framework in a project. Even if you are someone who already know what is SCRUM there are lot of things to learn in this course like detail explanation on SCRUM guide, section on how SCRUM is being used in real project, Evolution of Agile etc.,


1. What is Waterfall Methodology (Traditional Software development)

2. Advantages and Disadvantages of Waterfall & hence the need for Agile

3. What is Agile Methodology & its principles

4. What is a agile framework

5. What is SCRUM framework

6. Detailed sections on each element of SCRUM. Role, Wydarzenia, Artifacts and the rules of SCRUM which will help you to implement SCRUM in your project

7. LIVE example Bonus section on how SCRUM project management works with JIRA tool

This course will help you to learn according to your goal & need in short time.

The course is designed such that you can take any section if you have knowledge on previous sections. Like if you know what is Agile, you can directly start from SECTION 4- SCRUM.

If you only want to know how SCRUM is being used in a real time SCRUM team with JIRA, you can jump to Bonus section.


After completing the paid version of this course you will receive a certificate from UDEMY on course completion.

Anyone taking certifications like PSM (Professional SCRUM Master) , PSPO (Professional SCRUM Product Owner) can use this course for reference. But this course was not designed exactly to help for certifications, but it will give more details on the syllabus.

Scrum Open, Profesjonalny Scrum™, Profesjonalny Scrum Master™, PSM, PSM I, PSM 1, itp. is the protected brand of Scrum . organizacja. This course and practice exams are neither endorsed by nor affiliated with Scrum . org.

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