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Planning & Control with Oracle Primavera P6PPM Professional.

Planning & Control with Oracle Primavera P6PPM Professional.

Price: $94.99


This course aims to teach participants:

  • Introduction to the user interface,

  • How to plan projects without resources,

  • Filters layouts, printing,

  • Baselines and Updating an un-resourced project,

  • Creating and assigning roles and resources,

  • Controlling projects with resources and costs,

  • Setting up and administering a database,

  • Plus some advanced features including Import/Export, Activity Codes, Custom Data Fields and Global Change.

The following people should consider attending this course:

  • Programme Managers and Project Control staff evaluating the software against your organisational requirements.

  • Project schedulers who wish to learn how to use the software to schedule and control projects.

  • Database managers who wish to understand how to set up and administer a database.

  • Experienced project personal who wish to learn how to schedule and control a project.

Students should have:

  • The ability to use a personal computer and understand the fundamentals of the operating system,

  • Experience using application software such as Microsoft Office and

  • An understanding of how projects are planned, scheduled and controlled, including understanding the project management processes applicable to your projects.


  1. Introduction

  2. Creating a Project Plan

  3. Starting Up and Navigation

  4. Creating a New Project

  5. Defining Calendars

  6. Creating a Primavera Project WBS

  7. Adding Activities and Organizing Under The WBS

  8. Formatting the Display

  9. Adding Relationships

  10. Activity Network View

  11. Constraints

  12. Group, Sort and Layouts

  13. Filters

  14. Printing, Reports and Visualizer

  15. Scheduling Options and Setting a Baseline

  16. Updating an Unresourced Schedule

  17. User and Administration Preferences

  18. Creating Roles and Resources

  19. Assigning Roles, Resources and Expenses

  20. Resource Optimization

  21. Updating a Resourced Schedule

  22. Other Methods of Organizing Project Data, Activity Codes and User Defined Fields

  23. Global Change

  24. Managing the Enterprise Environment

  25. Multiple Project Scheduling

  26. Utilities, Reflection Projects, Audit Trail, Import and Export

  27. Earned Value Management with P6

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