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PMI CA0-001 Associate Project Management Practice Exam

PMI CA0-001 Associate Project Management Practice Exam

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Sample Questions

Q) Which of the following is an example of the risks of the symptoms?

a) Failure to meet milestones

b) Natural forces such as river

c) risk threshold goal

d) Crashes front-loading or fast tracking

e) None

Q) During this process, the quality policy defined?

a) initiate

b) perform

c) Plan

d) control

e) None

Q) What is one of the main outputs verksamhets sekvense?

a) Responsibility Assignment Matrix

b) Work Breakdown Structure Update

c) The project network diagram

d) Mandatory dependencies

e) None

Q) Checking Scope primarily connected with any of the following?

a) Approval of the work.

b) Accuracy of operating results.

c) Approval of the application.

d) Accuracy Breakdown Structure.

e) None

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