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PMI CAPM Certify Associate Project Management Practice Exam

PMI CAPM Certify Associate Project Management Practice Exam

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Sample Questions

Q) The register of interested parties has an output of:

a)Identify Stakeholders.

b) Plan stakeholder management.

c) Control Stakeholder Engagement.

d) Managing Stakeholder Engagement.

Q) An output of the process Develop Project Team:

a) change requests

b) evaluation of the team performance

c) assignments of project personnel

d) update project documents

Q) Manage the continuous production of goods and services to ensure the business continues effectively describes what kind of management?

a) Wallet

b) Project

c) Program

d) operations

Q) What kind of manager is assigned the organization running to lead the team that is responsible for achieving the objectives of the project?

a) Program

b) Functional

c) Project

d) Wallet

Q) The sources approaches, tools and data that will be used to perform risk management on a project are determined by:

a) Methodology

b) risk category

c) risk attitude

d) Taking analysis

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