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PMI-PgMP Program Management Professional Exam Updated

PMI-PgMP Program Management Professional Exam Updated

Price: $24.99

PMI-PgMP Program Management Professional Exam Updated

Program Management Professional (PgMP) is a credential that recognizes experience, skill, and performance in the oversight of multiple, related projects that are aligned to the organizational objectives and strategic goals.The Program Management Professional (PgMP) credential from Project Management Institute (PMI) is the next step after Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification, and addresses the community of professionals who are responsible for the coordinated management of multiple projects that are in alignment with organizational objectives.PgMP qualification on a resume would be very helpful to move up the career ladder, and take up senior and executive level positions within organizations, while working on strategic programs.

Exam Domain PMI-PgMP :-

Domain 1: Strategic Program Management

Identifying opportunities and benefits that achieve the organization’s strategic objectives through program implementation

Domain 2: Program Life Cycle

Initiating , Planning , Executing , Controlling , Closing

Domain 3: Benefits Management

Defining, creating, maximizing, and sustaining the benefits provided by programs

Domain 4: Stakeholder Management

Capturing stakeholder needs and expectations, gaining and maintaining stakeholder support, and mitigating/channeling opposition

Domain 5: Governance

Establishing processes and procedures for maintaining proactive program management oversight and decision-making support for applicable policies and practices throughout the entire program life cycle

I have prepared this practice test course for all those candidates who are planning of taking PMI-PgMP Program Management Professional Exam in near future.

This is an Unofficial course and this course is not affiliated, licensed or trademarked with Project Management Institute PMI in any way.


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