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PMI PGMP Program Management Professional Practice Exam

PMI PGMP Program Management Professional Practice Exam

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Sample Questions

Q) Your program has 121 parties that you need to communicate with. Your plan determines the communication control how the message should be done, what needs to be transferred, and the expected modality of communication. You also need one of the following as a contribution to the process of dissemination of information in the program?

a) change requests

b) Value Management Earned results

c) Plan Stakeholder Analysis

d) Results ~~ POS = Trunc reports ~~ POS = HEAD COMP

e) None

Q) What is the formula for determining the earned value (EV) for the program?

a) The percentage of the total percentage of time remaining in the program

b) The percentage of time culminating in the program cost

c) The percentage of the total time budget for completion of the program

d) The percentage of the total time for the program costs for labor and materials

e) None

Q) Olive is the program manager for its organization. She created a request for proposals for a significant part of their program. This work should be purchased, she set a number of requirements for suppliers to participate. Advanced among these requirements is the supplier must have at least four certified electrician in his team. This requirement is four certified electrician is an example of some of the following conditions?

a) screening system

b) scoring system

c) Analysis of claims Supplier

d) Evalutionskriterie

e) None

Q) You program manager for your organization. Management asks you to create a document that will capture stakeholder issues, perceived threats and the specific objectives of the program and its projects. What is Document Management asks you to create in this case?

a) claim document

b) project plan

c) business case

d) statement

e) None

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