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PMI-RMP Risk Management Professional : Exam Tests Updated

PMI-RMP Risk Management Professional : Exam Tests Updated

Price: $29.99

Welcome to PMI-RMP Risk Management Professional : Exam Tests Updated

The Project Management Institute (PMI) offers a professional credential for project risk managers, known as the PMI Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP).The PMI Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP) highlights your ability to identify and assess project risks, mitigate threats and capitalize on opportunities. In this capacity, you enhance and protect the needs of your organization.If you have advanced knowledge and experience in risk management, or if you are a project manager focused on project risk management, including for large projects and/or complex environments, then the PMI-RMP is an excellent choice for you.

PMI-RMP Exam Domain Topics Syllabus Included :

Domain 1: Risk Strategy and Planning

Activities related to developing policies, processes, and procedures for risk assessment, planning, and response

Domain 2: Stakeholder Engagement

Activities related to promoting the understanding of project risk management for stakeholders and project team members, assessing stakeholder risk tolerance, prioritizing project risk, and promoting risk ownership.

Domain 3: Risk Process Facilitation

Activities related to facilitating risk identification, evaluation, prioritization, and response among project team members.

Domain 4: Risk Monitoring and Reporting

Activities related to monitoring risk, evaluating risk response against established metrics, and communicating risk response performance to stakeholders and project team.

Domain 5: Perform Specialized Risk Analyses

Activities related to the specialized quantitative and qualitative tools and techniques used by project risk management professionals.

This practice test will help you prepare for the real official PMI-RMP Risk Management Professional exam test environment.

“PMI-RMP”,”PMI Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP)®” and “PMI” are registered marks of Project Management Institute, Inc. This is an Unofficial course and this course is not affiliated, licensed or trademarked with Project Management Institute, Inc in any way.

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