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Powerful Vision Boards

Powerful Vision Boards

Price: $49.99

During this 4 Module Course you’ll learn how to stop playing small and start setting AND achieving some serious goals!

I’ll teach you how to effectively create a powerful visual representation of your dream life and then give you the steps to implement, to bring it into your reality (which is what a lot of the fluff and ‘woo woo’ trainings out there leave out)

I’ll give you the exact same Vision Board process that myself and my clients have used to achieve our goals and manifest amazing things over and over again.


This module is broken down into four easy steps to ensure you are setting super specific goals which will supercharge your chance of ACTUALLY achieving them.

(P.S It’s not enough to cut out some pretty images of nice cars, fancy vacations and thin happy looking people from magazines and put them up on your wall..)


This is the Module where you’ll get creative! Turning your goals from the previous Module into an actual visual representation of your dream life. I’ll show you how you can make both a physical Vision Board and a digital one for your desktop or phone, so you can continue to manifest your goals ‘on the go’.


So you’ve created your Board, now what? This is what a lot of the ‘fluff’ trainings out there don’t teach you and is the main reason why Vision Boards haven’t worked for you before.

In this Module you’re going to learn to implement some daily habits while using your Vision Board, to help you remain in a state of momentum, confidence, power and positivity so that you can achieve every goal you’ve set.


This is where you take your manifesting process to the next level!

You’re clear on your goals, you’ve created your Vision Board and you’ve been implementing the steps so it’s actually a useful tool and not just taking up space on your wall, now it’s time to supercharge the effects of your Vision Board with some powerful manifesting techniques and understand how to get your Board working for you over and over again!

By the time you have gone through the course, you will have a system that you can use again and again to manifest ANYTHING you want into your life.


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