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Prayers That Move Heaven

Prayers That Move Heaven

Price: $19.99


This course is the ultimate guide to mastering the art and science of effective prayers.

You’re about to discover The Master Secrets to Moving Heaven on Bended Knees!

Based on my book, Prayers That Move Heaven How to Get Your Prayers Answered 100% of The Time.

Learn how to get more consistent positive answers to prayers when you unlock the secrets of moving heaven with your prayers.

  • You don’t have to keep feeling frustrated and disappointed because your prayers seem to just bounce off the ceiling.

  • No need to give up and doubt God’s ability to intervene in your life.

I think you’ll agree, that none of us could have predicted 2020 would be this way and that we’d be on lock-down for this long.

So far, this year has dashed many dreams and hopes and robbed many of their resiliency and faith. But what can we do?

With this reality in mind, I think it’s safe to say that there are some problems and situations in life where we need more than expert advice…

… We need divine intervention!

This course will arm you to join forces with like-minded intercessors from around the world in united prayer and fasting.

Will you join the ranks my friend?

Who does not need prayer at such a time of this?

  • Yourself and family

  • Your community and nation

  • Healthcare workers and first-line responders

  • Small businesses and the economy at-large

  • Families who have lost loved ones because of COVD-19 and those who WILL lose loved ones due to the Coronavirus.

  • Places of worship and charity organizations

  • Those most vulnerable and may not have loved ones to help them out

In fact, the whole world needs prayer right now!

So how about it my friend?

Will you lend your voice and heart to beseech the throne of Almighty God on behalf of humanity?

Then rally around your home or office and let us all pray with united hearts for divine mercy, grace, hope, health, healing, restoration, and blessing during these trying times.

Stop praying timid prayers!

It’s time you learn how to pray for big, bold, blessings, and miracles in your life, family, business, or ministry.

  • It’s time to unleash another world-wide revival on our knees.

  • It’s time to intentionally seek God for the outpouring of His Holy Spirit.

  • It’s time for God’s faithful sentinels to activate their authority and enter their secret closets to tap into God’s Unlimited Power.

“This course is destined to spark personal and corporate revival! “

Waste no time. Get started now.”

  • Reclaim The Keys to Prayers That Move Heaven!

  • Master The Science of Effective Prayers!

  • Learn how to pray for big, bold, blessings, and miracles in your life, family, business, or ministry.

  • Take the Keys to Unlock Heaven’s Storehouse!

End frustrations and disappointments over prayers that seem to bounce off the ceiling.

PLUS, get a FREE copy of the book, Prayers That Move Heaven when you enroll now…

* (Along with many other awesome bonuses)!


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