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Professional Scrum Master I Certification (PSM-I ®) + Tests

Professional Scrum Master I Certification (PSM-I ®) + Tests

Price: $89.99

Do you want to know what is SCRUM and master all the details to get Professional Scrum Master I (PSM-I ®) Certification?

In this course, you will learn the Agile Methodology approach SCRUM to know how to adapt faster to any change that can appear in a project based on customer needs and your environment.

In the first section, you will go deeply into SCRUM theory so that you can get this framework foundation and put it into practice immediately (pillars, values, artifacts, roles and events).

Once you interiorize all this information, I will show you how to pass PSM-I certification at first attempt. You will discover the path to achieve this prestigious certification and, most important, an advanced PSM-I test with questions so similar with the ones you will face in the real assessment.

The course is structured in the following sections:



You don’t have anything to lose, you have a 30 days full-guarantee if you are not satisfied with this material. My goal is to provide you the knowledge you are expecting and, if it does not happen, feel free to request your money, but I am sure this course will satisfy your needs.

In the following years, there will be a huge demand of agile methodologies profiles so Professional Scrum Master Certified professionals in order to adapt to everyday change and handle complex and innovative projects.

If you want to get this important knowledge and become certified Scrum Master, this is your course to achieve it.


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