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Program an Fpga for someone that has no Fpga experience

Program an Fpga for someone that has no Fpga experience

Price: $79.99

This 3 ½ hour video course is divided into sections showing 16 hardware code routines. To see the routines working, you will need a $30.00 fpga trainer board. The last lesson in this course will show you where to buy the trainer board. You will also need to download a free software tool called the -Xilinx ISE- so you can write and test hardware code routines on your computer.

If you take the hardware code for a digital circuit part and program it into an fpga, the hardware code will configure the circuit into the fpga. The best thing about an fpga is, a whole circuit board full of digital parts can be programmed into one fpga. This technology is very important and I want to show you how it is done. Reading a book is not the easiest way to learn how to program an fpga. A better way is to view step by step explanation videos. Digital circuit boards today using an fpga are less expensive, contain fewer parts, and the design process takes less time.

Because hardware coding is different than conventional programming, examining working code routines is a better way to learn how to program an fpga. I have put together 16 different hardware code routines. Each routine is explained in a video lesson. Because hardware code routines can be very difficult to understand, each routine is explained by me in detail. After explaining the code, you will see a video of me testing the code on the fpga trainer board. Your computer’s usb plug and cable sends the programming code to the fpga trainer board.

It is a long process to learn how to program an fpga, but your effort will be rewarded if you stick with the course. When you end this course you will be one of the very few who know how to program an fpga.

If you have any trouble understanding this course, or you have trouble downloading the -Xilinx ISE- or anything else, I will be glad to help you. I learned a lot making this course, I think you will too.


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