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Project Management for Developers and Technical Experts

Project Management for Developers and Technical Experts

Price: $24.99

I dedicate this course to all my team members who made a great project manager nowadays.

And in the name of all the amazing friendships and support I got from my technical colleagues, I made a course to share with everyone few project management skills, tips and tricks that will make your professional life easier.

What exactly to expect from this course?

ANYTHING you want! (related to the topic of course)


All right, let’s be specific:

  1. Scope management:

    1. where to look for missing information in “well documented scope”

    2. what questions to ask about the project scope

    3. the power of explaining the technical details to your client and management, or how to win friends and influence people inside projects as technical expert

    4. what you should ask for? EVERYTHING you need

    5. how to document requirements, how to structure requirements if nobody did it before

    6. how to say no to change requests AKA overtime

    7. how to deal with uncertainty, should you take the risk? NO!

  2. Time management in projects:

    1. how to look at it

    2. tips & trips to be more productive

    3. estimation techniques

    4. estimation checklist – what you should actually consider inside your “development” effort to do correct estimations

    5. how to avoid the “blaming game”

    6. priority-urgency matrix used right

    7. forget everything – who signs your cheque has PRIORITY!

  3. Budgets in projects

    1. how to read the approved budget in regards to your work

    2. why certain periods of the year are more hectic

    3. what is the impact of technical debt in projects

I’ll be improving this course based on your feedback and questions. So don’t be shy, ASK ANYTHING YOU WANT TO KNOW.

This is really a course I did with soul and in gratitude for each and every of my team members from over 100 projects that I managed in the last decade.


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