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Public Speaking: A tactical approach

Public Speaking: A tactical approach

Price: $94.99

This course was born from frustration! Frustration that no one seems to be able to do what they’re teaching when it comes to speaking and communication. Everyone is either trying to teach you how to be a motivational speaker or some BS on overcoming your fears. In other words, it’s all self-help. But what does facing your fears and embracing your passion have to do with your regional sales report? Or a meeting with five people? Or doing a quarterly update for your company? Or a presentation in University? Nothing!

Let’s be very honest. If you have ever taken a public speaking course, chances are you’ve been bored through most of it and it probably didn’t change anything. This course will introduce a completely different way to learn communication skills and public speaking. We are not going to talk about ideas that sound great, but do nothing to change behaviour, we are going to introduce physical tactics you can practice and apply instantly.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Create opening and closing statements in a way that will activate the brain.

  • Design problem and solution statements that engage the imagination

  • Apply a strategy to effectively transition between ideas

  • Use a series of physical tactics to communicate confidence irrespective of how you feel

  • Identify a new way to practice speaking and deal with nervousness

Most people who teach public speaking were in sales or marketing their whole lives, but those are specific fields, and they don’t provide examples from outside of their fields or their personal experiences. Also, just because they did it for years, doesn’t mean they are any good at it. So, in essence, there are two big problems with the current state of public speaking education and training.

1. None of it is practical or applies to most of our day-to-day needs

2. The people teaching us aren’t themselves great at public speaking

That is why I made this course!

I realize that the market is saturated with public speaking resources that all make the same promise: to make you better at public speaking. So what makes this course any different?

REAL SPEAKERS: Most “Public Speaking experts,” are just from the corporate world and have never really had experience outside of marketing or sales for example. I went out and found people who actually do it in their day-to-day lives. I spoke to stand-up comics, buskers, and professional wrestlers because, if you think about it, these are people who can actually get crowds around them, make them feel something, get them excited, and make them stop what they’re doing and pay attention.

REAL EXPERTS: I spoke to police interrogators and professional poker players, and I asked them… how do you know when someone is lying? How do you know when someone is bluffing?

REAL SCIENCE: I researched evolutionary biology and neuroscience to figure out how the brain functions and how it has evolved to absorb and processes information.

REAL TACTICS: I took what I learned, and instead of giving you general ideas, this course will go a step further and literally give you physical tactics and actual sentence structures that you can use to make yourself more impactful right away.

REAL EXAMPLES: Instead of a bunch of general examples or hypothetical situations, I will give you nothing but specific examples from a variety of industries and backgrounds from previous participants of my training courses

In a perfect world, whether presenting a training seminar, leading a meeting, or sharing something in front of a classroom, people would look forward to your presentation, and you and your audience would leave feeling excited and energized.This course can you help us to make it a reality.That is right US!!!!I am on a mission to end boring and I need your help so don’t just read this course, please, try to apply it and let’s make this perfect world a reality.

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