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Python for beginners – master Python programming

Python for beginners – master Python programming

Price: $79.99

Welcome to the best resource on Python for beginners which will help you master every important concept of Python programming.

Python is hot, and popular programming language because it is easy to learn, and its very powerful! Google, Dropbox, NASA, Instagram, Disqus, Pinterest and many fortune 500 companies are using Python extensively to build their applications.

Python is considered the backbone of many promising fields. If you want to become a Data scientist, Data analyst, Python programmer, Web developer, Artificial Intelligence engineer, Machine learning engineer, you need to master Python programming concepts. This course on Python is designed to give you a ‘perfect’ start in Python programming!

In this course, we cover every important concept of Python, in detail. At the end of the course, you can confidently apply for any junior Python Programmer job; and you shall have become confident enough to write amazing Python programs, on your own!

enroll in this course if:

1. You’re an absolute beginner who has never programmed before,

2. you want to understand ins and outs of Python thoroughly.

More than 5 hours of solid content, and lots of practice question, coding exercises, mini projects, and assignments on Python are included in the course to practice what you learn!

We start from scratch, and cover the following topics in great detail:

Installing Python

Running Python

Working with variables

Primitive data types (numbers, booleans, strings)

Complex data types (list, tuple, dictionaries, set…)

conditional statements (if | elif)

Looping (for loop, while loop)


File Handling



Also learn:

– to work with Jupyter Notebook – a professional tool used by Python programmers and data scientists

– some cool Python tips and tricks used by professional developers.

Get notes on each and every important topic in Python fundamentals.

So, what are you waiting for? Enroll now to master Python programming!


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