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Python for Network Engineers – Data Center Use Cases

Python for Network Engineers – Data Center Use Cases

Price: $79.99

Welcome to Python for Network Engineers Series

In this course will be focusing on Automating Data Center Networks using Python.

The approach of this course is to learn Data Center Networking Technologies, then understand how we apply automation and programmability using high end Data Center Network Appliances such as Arista, Cisco Nexus 9000, F5 BIG-IP and Kubernetes.

Learn the basics of Python and understand how API works! This course provides you at least 40 python sample scripts designed to automate hundreds of network devices!

The set-up is simple. We have few switches a Linux server where all the python scripts are hosted.

Easiest way to understand Python Network Automation. No need to learn Netmiko, Napalm, Ansible and Paramiko. Automation is all about API!

Lastly, we will also learn how automate complex configuration such as MLAG/VPC and VXLAN.

Some the python scripts used are designed for an extremely large data center environment!

Target Audience

Network Engineers

Aspiring Network Engineers

Network Automation Engineer

Python Programmers

Infrastructure/Solutions Architect


We will not talk about network basics

Will discuss the Data Center technologies

Focus on the use of Programmability and Automation

I will show and demonstrate at least 40 different Python scripts

Simple, easy to understand – Linux, Python, Switches and Application Delivery Controller

Software Technologies




Network Vendors and Network-Based API

Arista Switch

Cisco Nexus 9000


Network Based-API

Cisco NX-API

Arista eAPI

F5 iControl REST API


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