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QMetry Test Management for JIRA (For Cloud Version v4.x)

QMetry Test Management for JIRA (For Cloud Version v4.x)

Price: $19.99

QMetry Test Management for Jira (v4.x) is built to provide a seamless one tool experience of test management inside Jira. It is the best test management tool that provides an ALM experience – from Requirements management to Test Case Management in the comfort of the familiar Jira ecosystem.

The new, intuitive and user-friendly UI of QMetry Test Management for Jira provides an improved user experience with the following features.

  • Module wise Granular Permissions to grant permissions to do individual tasks to users/a group of users.

  • Test Case Versioning to create and maintain multiple versions of a single test case, which allows you to preserve older versions of test cases.

  • Test Data Parameterization to reuse test cases for multiple test data.

  • Test Cycle to manage and track test execution cycles.

  • Test Plan to lay down test strategy and schedule releases with utmost quality.

  • Enhanced Reporting to render reports faster with more customization options.

  • Embedded Exploratory Testing that enables easy test case documentation.


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