An automatic progression by a player to the next stage of a tennis tournament is called


Bye is a term used in tennis to refer to a situation where a player advances to the subsequent stage in a tournament without having to play an opponent. This situation usually occurs in the 1st round of a tennis tournament, and it is often awarded to top-seeded contestants.

A bye in sports (and certain other competitions) refers to organizers scheduling a competitor to not participate in a given round of competition, due to one of several circumstances.

In knock-out (single-elimination) tournaments this can be granting a special to reward the best ranked participant(s), or to make a working bracket if the number of participants is not a power of two (e.g. 16 or 32) – or both.

In round-robin tournaments, usually one competitor gets a bye in each round when there are an odd number of competitors, as it is impossible for all competitors to play in the same round. However, over the whole tournament, each plays the same number of games as well as sitting out for the same number of rounds.

Similar to the round-robin context, in league sports with weekly regular-season play such as gridiron football or rugby, a team not scheduled to play on a given week or fixture (competition period) can be said to be on its “bye week”.Byes are needed if there is an odd number of teams, but can be used even with an even number of teams, as has been done in the NFL.


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