Do computer models expand biological research?

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0%No,they have not
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Computational modeling across multiple scales has greatly enhanced biological research in several ways. In general, computer models can generate hypotheses for experimental testing and provide insights into experimental results that have already been obtained.
Computer models can be generated for various levels of biological organizaton and complexity, ranging in scales to include global and exobiological systems, local ecosytems, intact organisms, tissues and organs, cells, subcellular organelles, coarse-grained or atomisitc dyanamic models of macromolecular assemblages, and atomistic models of static macromolecular systems.In summary,they simulate complex biological systems that cannot be studied directly,
Using computer models for modelling biological we can get information on whether certain mathematical models from one animal will hold true also for another animal. This is very important because it allows for the creation of generalized models that we can use to see whether certain qualities and characteristics are true for more than one species and actually represent a general truth about biological organisms.


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