How can we improve the agricultural sector


Ways in which the Agricultural sector can be improved

Unavailability of water often times are not as a result of lack of precipitation, but due to poor water distribution networks or insufficient energy to pump water. Cheap sensors combined with some smart engineering can be attached to taps or showers to efficiently utilize water in urban areas.
Results of analyzing impact of new methods or current economic conditions could be retold using engaging visualizations and info-graphics that would enable the agriculture policy maker understand complex trends.
ICT can help in making financing decisions (e.g. to grant a loan or not) for farmers. As many farmers in rural areas maybe unbanked, for example, a financing institution can determine credit worthiness by analyzing their telecommunication data (how much they recharge.
People often own land that is not simply not in use with no short term plans to utilize it. A platform to connect private sponsors (that can provide access to land or finance) with farmers and aid the monitoring of the activities of the farmers would be immensely useful.
An open platform where governmental bodies in charge of agriculture publishes challenges being faced (from diseases to pests) in the region which could be in the form of an open data platform this accessible to everyone could help shape the direction of research and drive funding towards addressing the challenges.

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