How To Calculate The Molar Mass Of HCl


The compound hydrogen chloride has the chemical formula HCl, At room temperature, it is a colourless gas, which forms white fumes of hydrochloric acid upon contact with atmospheric water vapor.

Molar Mass Of HCl

  • Molar mass is simply the mass of one mole of a substance, with a standard unit of g/mol or gmol−1

First of all, to calculate the molar mass of HCl, you need to know the number of moles/molar mass of hydrogen(H) and molar mass of chlorine(Cl) which is {H=1 Cl=35.5} in g/mol

Then, consider the given HCl molecule;

Molar Mass of Hydrogen(H) + Molar Mass of Chlorine(Cl) = Molar Mass of HCl

1 + 35.5 g/mol = 36.5 g/mol

Molar Mass of HCl = 36.5 g/mol

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