What bacteria can be contacted from a toilet seat


A toilet seat carries tons of bacteria, 50 bacteria per square inch, for those who want to know,” she says. Although you may be surprised to learn that the kitchen sponge is 200,000 times dirtier than the toilet seat.

No you cannot get the human papilloma virus (HPV) or any other sexually transmitted infection (STI) from a toilet seat. HPV is the most common STI affecting 75 to 80% of people,” says Dr. Ross.

HPV is contracted through skin to skin contact typically during sexual contact. It’s often best to avoid any sexual partner who has genital warts or a known history of HPV,” she says. “The problem is that most people are unaware that they carry HPV, especially cisgender men. Cis men do not have an equivalent to the pap smear, which allows for detection of HPV. Unless cis men have warts or a history of them, they have no way of detecting this epidemic virus. Another frustration for women or anyone with a vagina is that the condom does not provide complete protection against HPV. HPV may live at the base of the penis or in other exposed areas that can pass HPV to the woman during sexual intercourse. Opposite- and same-sex couples are equally high risk to HPV exposure and transmission.

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