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Every morning we start our day with a cup of tea/coffee, and a newspaper in hand, so we all are very well aware of this word. Newspaper is the best source of clear, brief and objective information to many people. On the contrary, a magazine often stresses on specific and peculiar topics and current issues, which are of general interest.

Newspapers and Magazines are the two most common forms of print media which not only educates you about the recent issues, events or happenings locally, nationally and internationally, but they also keep you updated with the latest fashion, trends, technology, lifehack and so forth.

They have also played a critical role in breaking the stereotype and changing the perspective of the people to a great extent, which helped in the upliftment of society. Now, we are going to discuss the difference between newspaper and magazine in detail.

Content: Newspaper Vs Magazine

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Comparison Chart

Meaning Newspaper refers to a printed material arranged in folded sheets, often unstapled, which presents news, articles, information, advertisements and correspondence. Magazine implies a booklet, which comprises of interesting articles, interviews, stories and illustrations, on a specific subject, which targets a particular readership.
Readers Newspapers have a broad reader base, as they are read by almost everyone. Magazines have a limited reader base, as they cater to a specific group of people.
Publication frequency Daily, fortnightly, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. Periodically
Text to images Text is more as compared to images. Balanced mix of text to images.
Background White or grey Colored
Layout Simple and consistent layout and design. It does not stick to a single layout and design.
Length of the articles Short and precise Long and detailed
Rates Economical, that even a common man can afford to buy. Expensive
Paper Low-quality paper is used. High-quality paper is used.
Life Read once and then discarded. One can read multiple times.
Socio-cultural and political issues Discussed objectively and briefly. Discussed analytically and deeply.

Definition of Newspaper

Newspaper can be understood as a serially printed periodical, which aims at delivering news reports to the public, in an up-to-date, objective and accurate manner. It consists of information related to current events of public interest, printed in black ink, on a white or grey coloured thin paper. They are delivered by hawkers on subscription, and also available at crossings, newsstand, stores and railway stations.

A newspaper contains various sections, as per the news, content and field, i.e. from business to sports and from politics to health. The breaking news appears on the front page of the publication.

Further, it contains specific columns for weather forecasts, entertainment, notices and tenders, editorial cartoons, crossword puzzles and sudoku, obituaries, etc. It also contains supplementary papers, which contains specific information, or additional sections. There are two forms of newspaper advertising, i.e. display advertisement and classified advertisement.

Basically, newspapers are printed by agencies and delivered to the people, on their subscription. Nowadays, one can read the newspaper online, on the concerned newspaper’s website, which is freely accessible.

Definition of Magazine

A magazine is a form of printed publication, which is issued on a predefined schedule, comprising of a wide range of information, in the form of articles, stories, interviews, essays, product reviews, features, survey reports, advertisements, etc. Magazines are usually subject-specific, as well as they target a specified group of people. These are printed on a glossy paper. It is delivered by hawkers on subscription, and also available at newsstand, stores and railway stations.

The word “magazine” is taken from an Arabic term “makhazin”, which refers to “storehouse”. A magazine is a storehouse of facts and fiction, which are covered together in the complete package.

The language and presentation style is a lot different from other media forms. It is known for the variety and richness in content.

A magazine turns out as successful due to the following reasons: observation, imagination and consistency in coherently delivering the views on all issues and matters. Magazines often include thought-provoking articles and sensuous pictures, to attract the readers.

In general, magazines are issued once a month, however, there are also some magazines which are published weekly, fortnightly or quarterly. Nowadays, one can have access to the digital magazine, also known as an online magazine on the concerned website.

Key Differences Between Newspaper and Magazine

Upcoming points explain the difference between newspaper and magazine:

    1. A newspaper is a form of print media, issued at regular intervals, in a folded collection of papers, which contains news, views, stories, reviews, surveys and other such information of general interest. On the other hand, the magazine is a thin book, which comprises of interesting articles, interviews, stories, features and illustrations, on a specific subject, which targets a particular readership.
    2. Talking about readership, the newspaper has a strong reader base, due to its easy availability and affordability. In contrast, the magazine’s reader base is less in comparison to the newspaper. The target audience of the newspaper is ascertained by its geography and broad focus, whereas the target audience of the magazine is decided by demographics and interest.
    3. There are different types of newspapers, some of which are published daily, while others are published weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, etc. Conversely, magazines are published at regular intervals, which is predefined.
  1. When it comes to images in the newspaper, there are only a few articles contains images which depend on the availability and importance. On the other hand, you can find a number of images, in a magazine, indeed sensuous images are there which make it more attractive.
  2. Newspapers often have a white or grey background, whereas magazines have a colourful background, which is just to grab the attention of the audience.
  3. A newspaper has a simple design, wherein there is a section-wise arrangement. However, the most important information or issue is provided at the top, of the front page. On the contrary, a magazine has a striking and sophisticated design and overall layout. Further, multiple colours, fonts, pictures and infographics are used.
  4. Newspaper articles are usually short and precise, as they follow strict and straight writing, which is based on the facts, figures and details. However, the length of content provided also depends on the importance of the news. As against, magazine articles are long and detailed, as a magazine writer has the freedom to express the topic subjectively and creatively.
  5. When it comes to pricing, the price of a newspaper is very nominal and so even a poor man can afford to buy it daily. As opposed, a magazine is a bit high priced than newspaper.
  6. The newspapers are published in a newsprint paper, which is folded. The paper used in a newspaper, is of low quality, as it is made from a mix of recycled material and wood pulp and that is why it does not last long. On the flip side, magazines are published in high-quality glossy paper.
  7. A daily newspaper remains fresh for 24 hours only, i.e. it has a very short life. Magazines are a bit different, which does not report about the daily happenings, but it discusses the current topics and topics of interest, which can be read twice or thrice, till its subsequent issue arrives.
  8. When it comes to socio-cultural and political issues, magazines discuss them quite deeply and analytically, whereas, the newspaper only provide a precise discussion and views of the general public on socio-cultural and political issues.


According to many experts, reading newspaper and magazine is a very good habit, as it increases your knowledge base and level of understanding, but also helps you, when you take part in any discussion related to current affairs, sports, style or anything else, with your friends, relatives, colleagues and acquaintances.


Difference Between Newspaper and Magazine


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