What you need to know about the Big Brother Naija 2019 housemates


1. Avala, 30, said her life is not in danger. She loves music and dancing.

2. Khafi, 29, lives in London. She’s from Ekiti state. She said she will love to be the first female to win the Big Brother Naija show. The interesting thing about her is that she is a police officer in London.

3. Omashola, 38, from Delta state, he has done the big brother audition once. He has promised to entertain everyone, and he’s here for the money.

4. Ella, 30, from Anambra state, she’s single and not available. She says she loves dressing half-naked. She says she’s a jungle girl and she promised to light up Big Brother Naija house.

5. Frodd, 28,from Anambra. “Fresh and odd.” Frodd says he’ll be himself. He’s a bit complicated, and is a 9-5 guy, not an entertainer.

6. Ike, 26, from Imo but not a resident of Nigeria. He said he’s ready to mingle, some people say he’s overconfident.

7. Kimoprah, is 23 years old from Imo state. The first thing she said she’ll do is to observe her environment. She loves dancing and travelling. She’s single and available. Expect a lot of sarcasm from her.

8. Isilomo, 27, from Edo state. She is very adventurous, she’s very athletic. She’s single and accepting all application.

9. Jackye, 23, from Anambra state. She will go with the flow and aim of the money. She loves listening to music. She’s in a relationship.

10. Tuoyo, 24, from Delta state, he’s in for the money and the girls. He said he thinks he has every chance of winning the money. He’s a part-time stripper and a physiotherapist

11. Nelson, 26, from Rivers state. He’s single and very much available for girls. He likes honest people and hates smelly people, and he is a masseuse.

12. Sir Dee, 28, from Kogi state. He is very excited to be picked. He’s a banker and never told his bosses he’s coming for Big Brother Naija.

13. Seyi, 30, from Ogun state, he said he’ll look for trouble makers in the house. He’s not single, he’s not available. Seyi is the grandson of the great Obafemi Awolowo.

14. Esther, 22, from Lagos state. She’s nervous and super excited to be in the game. She’s in for the fun, money, and experience. She loves food, she’s very sarcastic and she puts herself first. She’s a lawyer and the also the first Lawyer in the Big Brother Naija house. “I’ll bring in fire and thunder and I’m very single,” she said.

15. Thelma, 26, from Imo state. She promises to be real and spice up the house. She loves dancing, she’s not single and not married. “I dislike presence and lies,” she said.

16. Gedoni, 31, from cross Rivers state. He will stand on one foot and observe for the first week. He loves doing house chores. He’s very single and very available. He’s a fashion designer

17. Diane, 23, from Kaduna state, she loves cooking and listening to music. She’s single and available. Diane is ready for everything. She’s a model and a Chef.

18. Mercy, 26, from Imo state. She loves cooking and travelling. She’s not available but she’s single. She’s too blunt and sometimes she doesn’t keep secrets. She’s a Vixen!

19. Tacha, 23, from Rivers state. She hates house chores and she’s got a sexy body.

20. Jeff, 30, from Anambra, she wants to talk and roll with the ladies. He has zero strategies.

21. Mike, 28, from Lagos state, a Manchester United married man. He’s a British champion high jumper, and later a Nigerian High Jumper champion.

Including the new housemates,

1.Enkay,Enkay’s real name is Ede Nkechinyere, she is from Enugu and works as a professional tailor in a fashion company.

2.Joe,Joe’s full name is Joseph Jabdallah.He is a well known creative director, visual artist and film prop designer.

3.Venita,32,is a mother of two, who was a former video vixen, an actress before she got married and took time off the screen. She has since announced that her marriage is over.The actress from Delta State described her personality as big and promised to bring a blend of confusion, fun, heat and drama to the Pepper Dem House.

4.Elozonam,described himself as very goofy and playful and plans to bring that side of him to the House.

5.Cindy,whose real name is Cindy Okafor is an actress, director, photographer and videographer.She runs an online radio and also know to produce social media comedy skits.

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