Why are RGB and CMY the primary colors?


RGB and CMY are the primary colors because they make up the entire color spectrum. Primary colors refer to those colors that are created when red, green, and blue light is combined together in different ways. When these three rays mix together correctly, they create all of the other colors we see in nature.

RGB stands for Red-Green-Blue, which is why it’s often called a computer monitor color system. All computers use RGB to generate images on their screens since this is the most efficient way to produce color.

RGB and CMY are the primary colors because they can be created using four basic subtractive primaries: red, green, blue, and yellow. These primaries can be combined to create all of the other colors in a rainbow by simply adding them together. For example, combining blue and green creates cyan (blue-green), while combining red and yellow creates magenta (red-yellow).

RGB is also more efficient than CMY in terms of how many color combinations it enables. This is because each byte in an RGB system has three bits instead of two like with CMY systems. This means that you have greater flexibility when creating graphics or logos that use multiple colors.

Red, Green and Blue combine to create all other colors.

Red + Green = Yellow

Red + Blue = Indigo

Blue + Yellow = Orange

The colors that are created this way can be seen on a computer screen or television, and form the basic building blocks of all color combinations.

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