Why did early civilizations develop in river valleys?


Early civilizations develop in river valleys because food which is one of the major necessity for survival was met there.

The four river valley civilizations were the Tigris & Euphrates Valleys, the Nile River Valley, the Indus River Valley, and the Yellow River Valley. Civilizations developed around rivers because their waters provided places to hunt and fish. Also, as the rivers flooded, the lands around them became fertile.

Why Early Civilizations Develop In River Valleys

Why civilization developed around them. First and foremost, the answer is food!

To explain, the first civilizations came to life in the river valleys of Asia and Africa because they provided great places to get meat.

Ancient Civilization In Indus Valley

Not only did they provide fish, they also provided pretty good hunting as the rivers attracted thirsty animals.

Beyond hunting and fishing, the early river valleys also gave people a place to grow crops.

Ironically, the secret to this was flooding. Although this flooding was dangerous, it also carried some real benefits for ancient people.

To explain, as the ancient rivers of our world overflowed their banks, they dredged up nutrient-rich earth from their floors.

As this earth resettled on the land, it made the river valleys perfect places for crops to take root. These crops made it possible for early farmers to provide enough food for themselves and their families.



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