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R12i Oracle Project Resource Management Fundamentals

R12i Oracle Project Resource Management Fundamentals

Price: $19.99

Oracle Project Resource Management provides you tools to manage the deployment and capacity of your resources in a global environment. You use Oracle Project Resource Management–in conjunction with the basic project team definition functionality in Oracle Projects and the task staffing and forecasting functionality in Oracle Project Management–to manage your project resource needs and project profitability by locating and deploying qualified and available resources to your projects across your enterprise.

Oracle Project Resource Management enables project managers, resource managers, and staffing managers throughout the enterprise to manage their resources and more effectively communicate their needs to one another.

Features include:

  • Searching for Qualified resources to match requirements

  • Searching for requirements for which resources may nominate themselves

  • Maintaining resource competency information

  • Advertising for open requirements

  • Tracking candidates for requirements

  • Handling over-commitments

  • Automatically processing approvals


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