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Raise your vibrations – by developing self awareness

Raise your vibrations – by developing self awareness

Price: $24.99

This course is great for anyone who has a burning desire to change their life for the better, who want to embrace their highest self and live a life with greater level of awareness.

By doing this course and by practicing suggested activities regularly you will transform your life for the better. Some are as follows..

Relationship: When you better understand yourself and others you would be able to have better interactions with the business, family and social environment. You will become better team members, leader, manager.

Mental clarity / Decision making: You will achieve a level of calmness that would allow you to make sound decision , become unbiased to external influences and see the bigger picture.

Habits and self-discipline: You will be in touch with your inner being, catch your thoughts, see where the problem lies in your thinking, you will acquire the right frame of mind to correct your thinking and create helpful habits effectively.

The good life: You will determine the unique ingredients of your good life and what your happiness, contentment looks like.

Being your authentic self: You will be able to live your authentic life with ease.

Reprogramme yourself: Overcome limiting conditioning from childhood and societal influences and rewrite empowering new ones and overcome common excuses that can hold you back. Understand what is your priority and your responsibility.

Self-coaching/ Self- soothe: You will be able to self-coach and self-soothe.

Emotion management: You would be able to self regulate and manage your emotions better.

Confidence and self-esteem: By developing self-awareness you would be able to develop higher levels of self-esteem and confidence.

Everything you learn on this comes from documented ancient philosophy, spiritual practices as well as peer-reviewed research in psychological science. Just keep your mind open and go with flow. I can guarantee you that by completing the suggested activities and forming habits you will have an increased level of awareness and emotional intelligence.


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