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Raspberry Pi Course™: Including Raspberry Pi Projects

Raspberry Pi Course™: Including Raspberry Pi Projects

Price: $109.99

Raspberry Pi Course is the most updated course on udémy. This course is based on the all new Raspberry Pi Projects. This course is for everybody, no matter if you are a beginner or a pro. If you’re a beginner then I will walk you from the scratch, like installing OS on Raspberry Pi, Connecting it to Laptop and so on. And if you’re a Pro of Raspberry Pi then you will come to know tons of new things in the projects section of this course. You’re going to learn a lot from the most updated/recent course on udémy. Nothing is outdated here.

This course is divided into 5 Parts.

  1. Introduction to Raspberry Pi.

  2. Setting up Raspberry Pi Environment

  3. Some Amazing Applications of Raspberry Pi

  4. Making Awesome Projects using Raspberry Pi 3

  5. Making lite and small Projects using Raspberry Pi zero W

First Part includes the basic tutorials for beginners. If you don’t know anything about Raspberry Pi then this part will set the strong foundation for you. In this section, you will come to know the different components of Raspberry Pi and you will also come to know about the versions of Raspberry Pi. Not only that you will get to see the complete review of Raspberry Pi 3 and Raspberry Pi Zero W, which are the latest versions on Raspberry pi.

Second Part includes setting up Raspberry Pi with different Devices like Laptop, PC and also your mobile device. This section will tell you that how can you use Raspberry Pi on your laptop and mobile phone. It also includes setting up the VNC server, which lets you see the Raspberry Pi screen on your laptop. Not only that, we will also talk about SSH server and how you can enable SSH into Raspberry Pi?

Third part is intermediate section, which includes various new applications of Raspberry Pi. In this section, you will get to know, how hackers are using Raspberry Pi for hacking into others devices and what could be the possibilities of hacking on Raspberry Pi. In this section, we will also setup 5 Inch touch Screen with Raspberry Pi.

Fourth part is advance section, which is having a lot many awesome and latest projects. From this section, you will come to know about the approach that how to proceed further for making new projects. In this section, we have used only Raspberry Pi 3 for making projects. We have created many projects like voice assistant, Spy Hacking Box, Portable Hacking Machine, Network Ad Blocker and few projects like Wi-Fi Jammer, which continuously jams the Wi-Fi signal in the Range of Raspberry Pi.

Fifth section is about Raspberry Pi zero W, which is the latest version of Raspberry Pi. It is the smallest version of Raspberry Pi. Hence, I have created some small and low processing projects using Raspberry Pi Zero W. Can you imagine guys that we can also run a Penetration Testing/Hacking OS on $10 Board. Believe me, I did it in this course. Now you can run Kali Linux on $10 Board, which will let you hack Wi-Fi Network around you. Not only that you can also run some hacking tools on your mobile using that raspberry Pi zero W.

Trust me, there are tons of things are available to learn in this course. And you will get more confidence after working on the mentioned projects. This course is having 11 dedicated projects, which you will definitely like to make for yourself. So just join the course and see the magic of learning!!

You can buy all the products used in this video from https://seeedstudio[dot]com/Boards-c-17.html


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