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Rebuild Your IT Career in 90 minutes

Rebuild Your IT Career in 90 minutes

Price: $19.99

“Very impressive course … great understanding .. clear, logical … excellent value” – student feedback

Are you struggling with burnout in your job?

Worried about job security?

Wondering what you should do next?

If you have been working in information technology for a while (like, decades), you may be really good at what you do, but not so excited anymore. Or you might feel unappreciated, and anxious about the future. That’s bad but there’s something you can do about it.

A simple tweak

As you know, in IT there are often huge problems which are fixed with very simple solutions. That’s what I’m suggesting here for your career blues.

You shouldn’t need to start your IT career all over, by learning something totally new. If you build on your existing skills, you can:

  • focus on more interesting tasks in your present job
  • share your knowledge with others (and maybe earn some extra money)
  • develop better communication with the business world
  • look for new opportunities to use your talent and experience

Bring on the zing!

So, whether you’re finding that the zing has gone out of your step, or you’re happy enough where you are but want to do something a little more exciting, how about trying something new?

Just a Tweak

As you know, in the IT game, sometimes the most difficult and seemingly impossible problems are solved by something simple. Just a tweak.

So what if you were to approach your work the same way? After all, you’ve got plenty of experience with

  • installations
  • configuration
  • upgrades (and maybe some rollbacks)
  • performance tuning,
  • trouble-shooting (“everybody duck for cover”)
  • backups
  • restorations
  • disaster recovery
  • working in a team (wish they’d just let me do it)
  • working on your own
  • documentation (ha, ha, ha)

Well, you get the point.

You’ve got a gazillion skills and with a wealth of experience in the university of hard knocks, you probably could teach those young people a thing or two.

“That’s great. But how?”

But how do you go about it? What do you do when you’re a specialist that is left on the shelf?

Simple. Just build on your experience and your existing skills, and look for new opportunities.

No, that doesn’t necessarily mean leaving your job right now (but it might). The key is to see where you are, do an honest assessment of your skills, and then look for where you can best capitalise on them.

Which brings me to this course. Here’s the TV version:

Course Outline for Dummies

Section 1: Where am I?

Section 2: Where am I headed?

Section 3: How do I get there?

Pretty basic, you’d think.

Now, if you’ve read this far, then it’s probably time for me to turn on the –verbose flag and give you a bit more detail.

In this course, you’ll learn to answer:

  • How to step out of an IT silo.
  • What’s the Great (non-technical) Question to Ask?
  • How to marry technical expertise with business demands.

This course is in video format and even if you end up sitting at the same old desk at the end of it, at least you’ll be able to say you’ve chosen that because it’s where you want to be. And you’ll have a little bit more zing when that wretched alarm goes off in the morning.

Why Should I Waste 71 minutes of My Life on This Course?

Good question. Let me say shout it in two words: JOB SATISFACTION!

The point of this course is to get you thinking about how you can do your existing job, or something totally new, by combining your talent and your heart. A little tweak and you might just find that you’re good at something, and actually enjoying it.

You take this course because you think you can do better. Maybe you can be a teacher, a mentor, a writer, or perhaps take a slight turn and head into a whole new field of expertise.

It’s time to get yourself out of the rut. Life is too short.


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