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Requirements For Applying For An International Scholarship

Requirements For Applying For An International Scholarship

Every year scholars apply for various scholarships around the world. However, only a few actuallymeet the requirements. This article by Elias addresses the requirements for applying for international scholarships.

When applying for an international scholarship it is very important and you should treat it with a lot of care and responsibility. One of the most important things you need to consider before applying for any international scholarship is this: Even if you are absolutely sure you’re going to get the proposed scholarship, it’s best you have all the necessary documents that will be needed at your fingertips which is why we have listed “Documents Required For International Scholarship Programs” on this page.

Most times it is advisable that you contact the school offering you the admission for you to be sure about the documents that are needed; reasons being that some of the documents that you will have to submit for the scholarship application process are the same ones that the university will request from you when you apply for their scholarship.

To help you get a perfect Scholarship application done, that will be accepted we have taken time to outline all the necessary documents that will be likely needed for a successful online scholarship application.

List Of Documents Required For International Scholarship Programs.

1. Copies Of Your Transcripts

Your transcript is the records of a photocopied page of all your courses and grades and credits that you achieved for each course. This document must have an official signature and stamp from your school or faculty. This document is one of the most important documents that will be submitted, and with it, some institution uses it to grade you if you are qualified for their scholarship or not.

2. International Passport

Though, for most scholarships, Passport comes later which is after you have won the scholarship award. Since it is an international scholarship then it is necessary to have it in place.

The passport that will be presented must be valid for at least six months after you must have traveled, and most time you may be asked to present a copy of the main page of your passport, which contains your photo and brief personal information of you.

3. Proof of Language Proficiency

When applying for a scholarship abroad, there are chances that you will likely study in English or another foreign language like (French, and others). That’s the reason most universities need to know that language will not be a barrier in your studies; that you will be able to comprehend and use that language at an academic level. But if you are studying in an English speaking university then they will require you to present official language certificates such as TOEFL, IELTS, C1 Advanced and host of many others.

4. Statement of Purpose/Motivational Letter

Your statement of purpose should just be a page nothing more or less, in it, you should explain your reasons why you applied to the chosen degree course and how it relates to your future studies and career goals. In this statement/letter of motivation, it is of great importance that you are honest, you should also briefly present your qualities, hobbies and how they would fit with the degree you selected, and its advisable that you don’t go to the internet and coping motivational statement, do it yourself.

5. Curriculum Vitae/Resume

Your C.V is what briefly describe you to them, even if you don’t currently have any work experience at the point of applying for the scholarship you can just include all your study experiences, all the languages you can speak fluently, your hobbies, interests, achievements and all your social skills. Most Universities would want to see how your experience matches or shows your interest in the program you want to study.

6. Reference Letters

References are normally written by someone who knows you academically or professionally. Most references will talk about you from a teacher’s or supervisor’s perspective: Your reference must not be academic, but since you are going to study an academic reference is expected. For the University to consider you, you need to choose the right referee, especially from your teachers or supervisors.

7. Standardized test scores

Most times for an international institution to consider you for any scholarship, you must present proof of your standardized test score, such scores can be from SAT, ACT, GRE, GPA, and others. These test scores can be an important factor when the university wants to consider who they give the scholarship to. Most often these high scores are the ones that count first after taking all the relevant documents into consideration.

8. Your Completed scholarship application form

You must carefully check and fill in all the sections of your scholarship application form correctly, and print it out because your print out will be among the documents that will be needed.

9. A Medical Report

Your medical condition is of great concern to them, and most universities abroad will request for your medical report to be sure that you are medically sound for such a trip, and this medical result must be signed by an authorized medical clinic/hospital from your home country.

10. Your Admission Letter

Your admission letter from the institution abroad that gave you a provisional admission must be presented because it is one of the important documents to prove that you were actually given admission in that country.

11. Degree Certificates

As a student applying for a Master’s or P.h.D degree, the university abroad will ask you to add certified copies of your previous graduation degree certificate, translated into English. These Universities need these documents to have proof that you attended and graduated from previous cycles of education in order for you to qualify for a graduate program. These degree certificates usually have data about the educational institution you attended, your GPA, and your final grades.

12. Language Skills

Most scholarship definitely demands “language Skill” certification, to prove you understand a certain language of that country offering you the scholarship. WHich also allows you to get a job faster in that country. You become celebrated and needed when you can speak the required language.

For example; Chian, or Portuga – when you understand and know how to speak English very well, entry the countries with your certification of language skill, you will not only be accepted to study but also to work and teach others English.

And there are recommended places to go acquire the language skill program. Learn more on how to acquire a language skill certificate here.

Please understand that not all scholarship will demand of you all the listed Documents Required For International Scholarship Programs, those this are simply documents you can gather within you.





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