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REST APIs using Spring Data REST

REST APIs using Spring Data REST

Price: $29.99

The ONLY course that covers Spring Data REST Comprehensively!

Sample of the reviews:

Excellent course! This course covers everything you need to know to get started with Spring Data Rest . Using this architecture simplifies the creation of a REST API – Renato Santos

Excellent course. Interesting, practical, hands-on, relevant and engaging. The instructor makes Spring-Data-REST easy to learn and use Glyn Davies

I am fully satisfied with your lecture.Outstanding.You are simply Awesome – Prasad Palla

All source code is available for download

Responsive Instructor – All questions answered within 24 hours

Professional video and audio recordings (check the free previews)


Do you have a lot of data that you’d like to expose via RESTful web services? Are you a java spring developer interested in learning the Springs powerful and easy to use REST framework.Are you an experienced Java web developer who wants to create Microservices RESTful APIs in minutes.Then this course is for you.It is a complete hand’s on course with quizzes and assignments.

Spring is the most widely used framework in the industry today.REST web services have become the number one means for application integration on the web.REST is also the defacto technology for Microservices to communicate. REST defines that a system consists of resources that clients interact with. These resources are implemented in a hypermedia driven way. Spring MVC allows building these kinds of services. But implementing even the simplest of REST web services for a domain model can be quite tedious and result in a lot of boilerplate code every time.

Spring Data REST builds on top of Spring Data repositories and automatically exports those as REST resources. It leverages hypermedia to allow clients to find functionality exposed by the repositories and integrates these resources into related hypermedia based functionality automatically.

The goal of this course is to help you master the concepts of micro services, rest and build an end to end application while exploring the various features of spring data rest.By the time you finish this course, you will have gained the understanding of Microservices, REST, HATEOAS and Spring Data Rest.We’ll look at how you can use Spring Data REST to easily take your data from your data access layer to consumable JSON by a front-end framework.

What Will I Learn?

Master the concepts of Microservices , REST and Spring Data REST

Create a simple RESTful API using Spring Data REST

Build an end to end RestFul API application from scratch

Test your REST APIs using Postman REST Client

Implement Paging and Sorting support for your REST API

Customize the JSON Responses

Implement Custom search APIs using Spring Data

Implement business logic into your REST Services using custom controllers

Provide different views of the data in your application using projections and excerpts

Enable HAL browser support for your Applicatoin

Secure your REST API using Authentication as well as authorization

All in simple and easy steps


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