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Resume Writing for Finance Analysts and Accountants

Resume Writing for Finance Analysts and Accountants

Price: $94.99



You have just found the ultimate step-by-step course to creating a new resume and cover letter for aspiring Financial Analysts and Junior Accountants.

The challenge for most people at present is that every Tom, Dick and Harry has a business degree and the competition in the job market for Finance and Accounting professionals is super high. In fact, you are probably reading this because you just can’t score an interview at the firms that you want. So, I have designed this course just for you to help you write an interviewing winning resume and cover letter so that you can land the job of your dreams!

Learn how to write, design and format an interviewing winning resume and cover letter specifically designed to get you into the finance and accounting industries. This course is designed to help you:

1. Get the job that you desire in accounting or finance industries (at the entry to manager level)

2. Understand the reasons why you are getting rejected even before you get an interview

3. Create a brand-new resume and cover letter using templates that I have created for you (using techniques, formatting and content that I have used to help numerous people land jobs in in the finance and accounting fields)

4. Learn the ins and outs of the resume and cover letter processes

5. Understand the different pathways to brand yourself to get the job during the application process

6. and much much more!

Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for professionals looking to get into the finance or accounting industry which include the following:

1. Undergraduates wanting a new/updated resume and cover letter to get a head start for internships and graduate programs

2. Recent graduates looking for new/updated resume and cover letter to get entry-level positions in the finance or accounting industry

3. Recent graduates looking for a new/updated resume and cover letter to apply for graduate positions

4. Professionals looking for new/updated resume and cover letter to transition into the finance or accounting industry (you will need qualifications to do so, e.g. bachelor degree in business)

5. Professionals who are already in the finance or accounting industry and want to update their resume/cover letter in order to apply for a new role

6. Professionals who are already in the finance or accounting industry looking to be promoted from a junior to manager level and are applying internally or externally for these roles requiring a new/updated resume and cover letter

7. This course is not for senior managers, executive leaders or CEO’s of these industries. This course is purely aimed at entry level roles and/or middle manager roles and/or business students.

Why listen to me?

I have spent eight years in the accounting and finance industry (mostly finance) becoming a middle manager at one of the largest banks in Australia before I left to become a career coach in 2016. As a career coach, I have conducted interviews for numerous junior level entry roles at the bank as well as coached people every single week for the last year to help them get a role in accounting or finance. I’m currently the Head Coach for Finance, Marketing and Business stream at the Infinity Coaching Institute in Melbourne, part-time entrepreneur and I’m passionate about helping you get the job of your dreams!

What my students and clients said?

“Andrew is passionate about his courses, and this shines through in his delivery of the presentation. The course is thorough, well thought out and planned, which makes it great for all levels – both seasoned professionals who can pick up a few tips here and there, as well as those new to the workforce” Jimmy Leong – Accounting Professional

“Andrew is someone with a track record of helping other aspirants achieve their goals. He coached me on many topics at both a personal and professional level, giving me the skills and confidence to advance my career. Andrew’s vast knowledge and experience in handling human relations in the corporate world is invaluable as coach and mentor. Your problems become solutions with Andrew Pham, because he’s seen it before, and knows what works and what doesn’t” David W – Finance Professional

“This is a great course, and foundational for anyone looking to apply for a job, whether it be their first time, or twentieth time! Good flow of content, with a lot of practical content which one can immediately apply to their resume or cover letter” Wei Chen Tan – Finance Professional

Will this course be updated?

This course will be updated with everything you need to know to get into the interview stage, and I will be happy to create lectures based on feedback or FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) throughout the course.

This service will not cost you any extra and is free of charge as soon as you buy it. I always endeavor to offer the best service to my clients and students.

What if I have questions?

If you should have any questions throughout the course, I offer full support throughout the week which means 7 days a week.

This means that if you don’t understand something or you get stuck, you will get a fast response to help you through the course to create that brand-new interview-winning resume and cover letter that you need.

There is zero risk of buying this course!

This course comes with a full 30-day money-back guarantee. Meaning if you are not completely satisfied with the course and your refund request meets the requirements under the Udemy Refund Policy, simply let click the “request refund” button and you will receive 100% of your money back.

You legitimately can’t lose!

Ready to get your job as a financial analyst or accountant?

Sign up now by simply clicking “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart” button on the top right, and get started with creating a brand-new resume and cover letter to help you get that job in finance or accounting.

Feel free to preview some of the lectures in the course outlined above so that you can get a feel for the lectures and ensure it is the right course for you!

See you in the lectures!


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