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ROS Robot Operating System for absolute beginners | Hands-on

ROS Robot Operating System for absolute beginners | Hands-on

Price: $94.99

The future towards a well paying job and skill is working in the present.

One of the highest paying and in-demand skill is Robotics. Robots are growing very fast and it’s time we get skilled with Robotics.

With ROS – Robot Operating System you can now simulate and control high end industrial and research robots without buying them. Yes, you heard me right! It’s free under Open Source ROS license to simulate the famous robots like TurtleBot2, R2D2, Hector Drone and many more.

Skilling on ROS however, has it challenges. The top two challenge being – ROS has an upward skilling demand (hard to learn alone looking at Official wiki) and many find it difficult to install ROS locally which takes away the fun of learning.

I have devised this course which takes care of these two challenges by –

Installation challenge – I share with you 2 preinstalled versions of ROS VM with this course.

Steep curve through ROS Wiki – I have designed this course as Hands-on through 10 projects.

Get skilled in the most in-demand skill in the market – robotics with this course. Over 5 hrs of content and sample codes.

This course would teach you ROS – Robot Operating system in an easy way through applied 10 projects.

Simulate a Hector drone with Joystick, Design a Python 2 wheel robot, Panda robotic arm, TutleSim, Turtlebot2, R2D2, ROS With Arduino and Servo – all on 1 course!

Learn how to use Gazebo, Rviz and MoveIT packages with simple example projects.

The approach is through hands-on projects using ROS.

What will you learn and do after this course?

Project 1# Create a ROS chatter application in less than 10 minutes

Project 2# Simulate TurtleSim in Keyboard based teleop

Project 3# Simulate a custom 2 wheeled robot using Python

Project 4# Simulate an R2D2 star wars robot in ROS and Gazebo

Project 5# Simulate TurtleSim in Joystick based teleop

Project 6# Simulate the famous TurtleBot2 robot in ROS

Project 7# Run the Hector drone in a ROS Outdoor environment

Project 8# ROS Serial with Arduino Uno & ultrasonic sensor

Project 9# ROS Serial with Arduino Uno & Servo control

Project 10 # Use basics of MoveIT to run the Panda Pick and place robot

This course also has a section on how to use ROS with Arduino Uno. The last section has ROS Melodic installation along with MoveIt package to simulate the Panda Pick and Place robot.

No installation needed as Oracle VM box with ROS Indigo and ROS Melodic is provided for download.

Reviews from past Udemy stduents on this ROS Course –

***** 5 star reviews

“This is an amazing course filled with an incredible amount of information and value. I wanted to learn more about robotics and controlling my Arduino with more advanced features, this course delivers. I also had a few questions and Anirban was quick to respond. Each section is a good amount of time for the material presented. As recommended, download and using the supplied virtual machine, then set your own up later if you desire”.

“It was a great learning experience and I would like to thank Mr. Anirban for coming up with such a well compiled ROS- teaching course”.

“The course content was very precise and tailored to suit the needs of the beginner. This comes as a huge advantage to the people who are doing this for the first time. The language is crisp, the videos are solid. I would highly recommend this course to my peers”.

Buy with confidence with 30 days money back guarantee from MieRobot and Udemy. Certificate from Udemy.

What is not covered?

Support related to unix commands, typing errors, syntax errors. The course is to be worked upon using the VM provided with the course. This is to focus on ROS and not on unix. Providing support in QA for personal ROS instances will not be possible as it will not be in sync with the videos presented and I have no control or visibility of the installations you may have performed for ROS.

I want you to succeed in your robotics journey. Enrol today!


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