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Криминология: Введение в криминальную психологию & Криминалистика

Криминология: Введение в криминальную психологию & Криминалистика

Цена: $19.99

Have you wondered how professionals handle a gruesome crime scene? Did you ever want to understand the mind of a murderer? Do you want to learn how the FBI uses criminal profiling to match the crime with a suspect?

If you want to explore the world of crime, you are at the right place. В этом курсе, we are going to go into the hidden world of crime. This course was designed for the beginner to comprehensively understand what goes on behind the scenes. How do police officers classify crimes? What’s the difference between murder and homicide? What sort of clues about the criminal can you find in the crime scene? This course covers it all so get ready for a course that will take you to a dangerous world…

Through this course, you will understand:

  • Crime classification

  • Crime scene processing- types of evidence and how to collect it, reconstruction of crime scene

  • Understanding criminal psychology: an overview of the criminal process, varieties and explanations of crime

  • Forensic science: introduction to toxicology, ballistics, and fingerprints

  • Уголовное профилирование: how to examine the crime scene and generate a profile, critical thinking/bias/logic in profiling

  • Victimology

Why learn criminology?

This course will allow you to look at crime in a whole new way. You will be able to analyze the information you hear in the news and understand insights into how the crime was committed, what the criminal profile could be, the evidence and what it reveals, and give interesting analysis to your family and friends.

Why Choose Alpha Academy:

Our enormous experience in creating courses for beginners, 20K+ enrolled students in Udemy, and dedicated support for your questions and problems makes Alpha Academy a worthy companion to trust with your endeavours. You will also gain the recognized certification that will help you on the journey to that dream job or business. Become confident in your abilities in criminology and explore possible career opportunities.

So let’s do this! Enroll today and start learning about Criminology!

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