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Emotional Wellbeing and Motivation for Remote Working Teams

Emotional Wellbeing and Motivation for Remote Working Teams

Цена: $19.99

The programme is designed for Team Leaders to support and lead their teams remotely. It also provides support for individuals who will be working independently of their co-workers for a prolonged period of time. Over the next few months there will be an enormous need for emotional wellbeing and motivation as individuals and teams adapt to working in different ways, both during the COVID-19 disruption and afterwards.


In the first module of the programme we will explore Emotional Intelligence (EI, sometimes known as emotional quotient – эквалайзер); it’s development, principles and practice. Unlike Intellectual Intelligence (IQ), EQ can be grown and developed as a social and business skill. This workbook will walk you through the process of growing the attributes of EQ through changing your self-awareness.

Virtual Coffeehouse Conversations (VCC)

We have been delivering Cafe Style virtual workshops for more than three years. Virtual Coffeehouse Conversations is a new concept to support scalable learning. Using Cafe Style activities, they evoke creative thinking, tacit knowledge sharing and innovation. As part of the programme, you can enjoy regular VCC’s.

Bite-size Videos

Есть 20-25 videos as part of this programme, 4-5 in each module. They support what is in the workbooks, giving you another perspective of learning. They explain some concepts of neuroscience to help you to understand what we are doing to create psychologically safe teams to complement emotional wellbeing and motivation.

Random Acts of Learning

We all need something to look forward to in these strange times. In addition to our initial offering on the 10-week programme we will put some extras in to keep it fun, creative and enlightening. We haven’t decided on everything yet! We will ask for some input and collaboration from you to make this learning circular for us all!


  • Workbook One – Becoming the Change – Developing Self-Awareness

  • Workbook Two – Develop Emotional Self-Regulation

  • Workbook Three – Develop a Collaborative Team

  • Workbook Four – Empower Your Team Through Disruption

  • Workbook Five – Inspiring and Motivating Your Team in a Digital Workplace

Based on neuroscience, this programme has been designed by Fi Hills, the innovator of Cafe Style Coaching and Micro Mind Hack Videos personal development methodologies. Both methods are experiential, micro and bite-size and designed to accelerate habitual change. The multi-media content is designed to support transformation and includes:

  • 19 Bite-size Learning Videos

  • 6 Virtual Coffeehouse Conversations with the Experts

  • Personal Reflection Activities

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