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Learn Agile NOW: Scrum for Product Owner and Scrum Master

Learn Agile NOW: Scrum for Product Owner and Scrum Master

Цена: $79.99

Do you want to be successful in Agile and Scrum? WELCOME TO Upskilling Agile: Scrum for Product Owner and Scrum Master COURSE

This Agile and Scrum Course saves money, and it is short and clear enough. Ты выучишь:

Модуль 1 – Introduction to Agile and Scrum Masterclass

  • Lesson 1: This is an introduction to this Masterclass training. Students will have a brief overview of what will be talking about and what they will learn.

  • Lesson 2: The Scrum Guide 2020 – What has been changed? Let’s walk through the list of the majority of changed elements.

Модуль 2 – What is agile software development?

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to Agile, Why Agile?

  • Lesson 2: The Values and Principles of the Agile Manifesto

  • Lesson 3: Difference Between Agile and Scrum

  • Lesson 4: Why Agile RocksWhy Agile is better than Waterfall?

  • Lesson 5: Agile Myth busters: 13 Myths in details

Модуль 3 – What is the Product?

  • Lesson 1: Product introduction

  • Lesson 2: Introduction to the Product Goal (2020)

  • Lesson 3: Видение продукта

  • Lesson 4: Product Strategy

  • Lesson 5: Product Roadmap

Модуль 4 – The Three Pillars of Empiricism

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to the three pillars of Empiricism

  • Lesson 2: Challenges and examples of Empiricism

Модуль 5 – Scrum Framework

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to Scrum Framework

  • Lesson 2: Scrum team

  • Lesson 3: Владелец продукта

  • Lesson 4: Скрам-мастер

  • Lesson 5: Changes for the Scrum Masters concerning Scrum Guide 2020

  • Lesson 6: Developers in Scrum

  • Lesson 7: Заинтересованные стороны

Модуль 6 – Scrum timeboxing, Скрам-события, и более…

  • Lesson 1: Scrum Timeboxing and Scrum Events Introduction

  • Lesson 2: Спринт

  • Lesson 3: Цель спринта

  • Lesson 4: First Scrum event: Планирование спринта

  • Lesson 5: Second Scrum event: Ежедневный Скрам

  • Lesson 6: Third Scrum event: Обзор спринта

  • Lesson 7: Fourth Scrum event: Ретроспектива спринта

  • Lesson 8: Product Backlog refinement

  • Lesson 9: Introduction to Release Planning

Модуль 7 – The Theme, Epics, Истории пользователей, and Tasks

  • Lesson 1: Вступление

  • Lesson 2: Темы

  • Lesson 3: Epics

  • Lesson 4: Пользовательские истории

  • Lesson 5: Отображение пользовательских историй

  • Lesson 6: Задания

Модуль 8 – Скрам Артефакты

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to Scrum Artifacts

  • Lesson 2: Резерв продукта

  • Lesson 3: Sprint Backlog

  • Lesson 4: Scrum Board with DEMO

  • Lesson 5: Приращение

  • Lesson 6: What is Burndown Chart in Scrum?

Модуль 9 – Определение готовности, Определение Готово, and Acceptance criteria

  • Lesson 1: Определение готовности (DoR)

  • Lesson 2: Определение Готово (Министерство обороны)

  • Lesson 3: Acceptance criteria (переменный ток)

Модуль 10 – Introduction to Evidence-Based Management 2020

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to evidence-based management (ДМ)

  • Lesson 2: The benefits of evidence-based management

Модуль 11 – Scrum Certification

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to Scrum Certification

  • Lesson 2: General details about Scrum org Certifications

  • Lesson 3: Tips and Learning path for self-preparation

  • Lesson 4: General details about Scrum Alliance Certifications

  • Lesson 5: Which Scrum Certification Body Should you Choose?

  • Lesson 6: 100 Carefully Selected Questions and Answers for Scrum certification.

Модуль 12 – Your first job as a Product ownerwhere to start?

  • Lesson 1: You get your first job as a POwhere to start – Introduction

  • Lesson 2: Where to start building an existing product?

  • Lesson 3: Where to start if you are going to build a new product from scratch?

Модуль 13 – Transition from Traditional to Agile

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to module

  • Lesson 2: We need evidence of success – A Case Study

  • Lesson 3: Differences in project managementAgile vs. Waterfall

  • Lesson 4: Habits from traditional environments you need to watch out for

  • Lesson 5: Why traditional project management techniques are still so prevalent

  • Lesson 6: Differences between traditional and agile on how to maintain your teams

  • Lesson 7: Rewards for traditional Project Managers working with Agile projects

  • Lesson 8: SIMILARITIESthe Traditional World and the Agile

  • Lesson 9: Project manager characteristics who is going to be successful with agile

  • Lesson 10: Productive thinking, advances, and challenges about agile

  • Lesson 11: The State of AgilityBenefits of organizational Agility

  • Lesson 12: TIPS to Manage a Transition from Waterfall to Agile

  • Lesson 13: TIPS for transitioning Clients to an Agile Process

  • Lesson 14: 4 Ways to Ease the Transition from Waterfall to Agile

  • Lesson 15: TIPS to Increase Agility in your organization

  • Lesson 16: How to Choose the Right Agile Framework

Модуль 14 – Recap, Class Project, and Last Words

  • Lesson 1: Short animated presentation

  • Lesson 2: Class Project (Now it is your turn)

  • Lesson 3: Все в порядке, we’ve reached the end of this Masterclass. Congratulations!


  1. After sections, we will have a short knowledge testMultiple choice questions.

  2. You will surely find some essential things in between the lines, тоже, а именно, my love and effort invested into making my communication with you original, useful, and attractive, as well as a promise of continuous improvement.


Если вы ищете Scrum certification quick tips, or if you are looking to find a job in one of the Scrum roles or just want to learn more about Scrum and Agile software development, Вы находитесь в нужном месте.

Isn’t it frustrating that you fail the Scrum certification again and again? Don’t you hate when you are getting rejected in a competition for one of the Scrum rolls?

Hi everyone, my name is Dejan. I am a Professional Scrum Product Owner, Что такое Scrum и общий обзор, Agile Coach, and Trainer of trainers.

Based on my previous experience, I have created this User-friendly Course so I can help individuals and teams to get better results at what they are doing.

I promise you that I will not waste your time. We will be very productive and efficient.

So let’s start your Agile and Scrum Journey RIGHT NOW.

WELCOME TO Upskilling Agile: Scrum for Product Owner and Scrum Master COURSE and don’t forget to grab your Certificate of Completion at the end of the Course!!!

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