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Learn JavaScript in a Weekend 2021

Learn JavaScript in a Weekend 2021

Цена: $89.99

*** The fastest way to learn JavaScript, while also learning it deeply! ***

Learn JavaScript in a Weekend 2021 is a complete course on JavaScript.

It’s designed to guide you from the basics on thru intermediate and then advanced topics.

And the course is specifically designed to help you learn JavaScript quickly, but at the same time thoroughly.

Several projects provide valuable experience in using what you learn, to create interactive web pages.

JavaScript is the most important of the three pillars of web development, HTML, CSS, и JavaScript. Web development is one of the hottest careers, with great pay, гибкость, and best of all, when you learn web development, the sky’s the limit, you can build whatever comes to mind.

Why this is the course for you.

This is a great course to learn JavaScript, because you learn a wide range of topics related to JavaScript, preparing you to move forward quickly to enter or advance your career in web development.

I guide you step-by-step from the basics to intermediate and advanced topics. I don’t race quickly thru the topics, speaking fast and using jargon. I speak clearly and at a good pace. And I’ve designed this course using modern techniques so you learn quickly and retain what you learn.

Why am I the right instructor for you?

I’ve lived in Silicon Valley for 23 лет, working for some of the largest, and most impactful software companies in the world. I’ve always focused on learning and growing, becoming a better web developer.

And I’ve always been keen on sharing, mentoring and teaching. And this enthusiasm for teaching and sharing is built right into this course. I’m here for you. Teaching is my passion.

My instruction style is to present topics clearly, without speaking too fast, and without using jargon and hard to understand vocabulary.

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