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S4 HANA1909 FSCM SD FICO  credit management concepts

S4 HANA1909 FSCM SD FICO credit management concepts

Price: $79.99

Topics covered:


S4 HANA Credit management concepts Overview

Difference between Old (ECC) and New Credit management

Credit Master Role creation

Credit segment concept

About Rating procedure brief

Create rule for scoring and Credit limit calculation

Define customer credit groups

Credit control area and assignment to Credit segment configuration

FI and SD integration configurations for FSCM

Transactional Data for Credit blocks at OTC level (Order to Cash)

BP customer and vendor creation overview

BP credit role master data set up

Risk classes and Risk categories

Brief about scoring and ranking practical

BAdi: Connections of SD to Sap Credit Management

Credit block at sales order, delivery and PGI level

New capabilities for SAP S/4HANA 1909:

Schedule Credit Management Jobs

The following update jobs may now be scheduled:

  • Repeat the credit check of SD documents

    • released documents are checked only if the validity period for release is over (number of days).

    • re-check SD documents to find out if the creditworthiness of the customer has changed in the period between the sales order date and the delivery date.

    • re-check SD documents that have passed the initial credit check successfully, but for which in the meantime negative events might have happened. For example, the credit limit of the customer might have been reduced or other the dunning level might have been raised.

  • Update the score for business partners

    • perform mass updates to the score of business partner

    • You can restrict update by Business Partner, Rule, and Valid-to date of score.

  • Update the credit limit for business partners

    • perform mass changes to the credit limit in the credit account of business partners

    • restrict updates by:

      • Business partner, Rating procedure, Credit segment, and Valid-to date of the credit limit

      • the field Only Blocked in Credit Management, then only those credit accounts that are blocked in Credit Management are selected,

      • the field Only Special Attention, then only those credit accounts that are marked for special attention are selected

    • Update the rule for scoring and credit limit calculation, and the checking rule

      • restrict updates by filtering on the previous rule for scoring and credit limit calculation and/or the business partner

    • Assign the Credit Management role to business partners

      • select on or more business partners to assign them the Credit Management role


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