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Salesforce Campaign Management

Salesforce Campaign Management

Price: $79.99

This class will run you through the concepts and setup of Campaings in Salesforce Lightning Experience and also touch upon some more advanced tools from Marketing Cloud. You will be able to setup and run your campaings after taking this course as well as creating medium complexity reports and dashboards to track those campaings.

Also you will get some insight on the more advanced tools that Salesforce offers for managing the marketing side of your business like :

Audience & Data Studio that allows you to capture, unify, and activate your data using this powerful platform.

Advertising Studio that helps you engage with your customers and prospects.

Mobile Studio that helps you to reach customers on any mobile device with personalized mobile messaging.

Email Studio, which helps you build and send personalized email from basic newsletters to the most complex campaigns.

Social Studio which is a one-stop solution to manage, schedule, create, and monitor posts. You can organize posts by brand, region, or multiple teams and individuals in a unified interface.

Journey Studio which helps you design and automate campaigns that guide customers through their journey with a brand.

Interaction Studio used to manage customer experiences with real-time interaction management.

Hope you will have a great time going through my modules and looking forword for your feedback and comments.


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