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Salesforce Development Project

Salesforce Development Project

Price: $19.99

The project aim is to provide real-time knowledge for all the students who have basic knowledge of Salesforce and Looking for a real-time project. This project will also help to those professionals who are in cross-technology and wanted to switch to Salesforce with the help of this project they will gain knowledge and can include into their resume as well.

This project includes the following topics

  1. Salesforce Admin

    1. Objects & Relationships

    2. Sharing Rules, OWD & Roles

    3. Community

  2. Salesforce Development

    1. Apex Trigger

    2. Apex Batch Apex

    3. Future Method

    4. Integration ( Both Apex REST & REST API )

  3. Lightning Web Component – This Covers most of the lightning web component including

    1. Events

    2. Custom Lookup

    3. Calling Apex in bot wire & imperative apex

    4. Using Web Component in Community

    5. Navigation & Toast Events

    6. etc.

  4. Reusable Error Handling Framework

  5. Salesforce Community – For the project, we are using Customer Community

This project will give you confidence and it will be fun learning.


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