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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administrator Practice Tests

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administrator Practice Tests

Price: $19.99

Prepare yourself for Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administrator certification. In this course you will find more than 120 question which help you ensure that you are ready to start you Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administrator certification. Questions are mixed with 3 exam, two exams contains 60 question and 3rd have 95 question. Every question was verified by certified Marketing Cloud Administrator. Make sure that you understand every question, because some questions are tricky. The time is the same as on exam – 90 min and passing score – 67%.

This Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administrator exam will provide you with up to date practice questions in order to pass the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administration credential.
This exam covers key topics as same as in real certification:

  • Digital marketing proficiency

  • Subscriber data management

  • Setup

  • Channel management

  • Maintenance

These exams will be updated and added to in order to provide you with the most up to date content.

There are no requirements or prerequisites for this Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administrator exam, however, I encourage you to complete the recommended Trailhead mix provided by Salesforce prior to completing this practice exam. Make sure that you understand every part of required area and then check your knowledge with this test. After this exam you will get clear view for your ceritifications skills.

If you have questions don’t hesistate to leave comment or send me a message.


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